Body and mind balance


The Vojta method deals with the diagnosis, the evaluation, the prognosis and the therapy of central and peripheral nervous system, muscles and joints and functional systems. It is the most reliable and effective method of treatment especially for new born and infants. It is also successfully applied to children and adults around the world. Vaclav Vojta's method of rehabilitation does not teach the right position and mobility but creates the conditions of the child's kinetic action.




Educational robotics combine learning with playing and thus transforms education into a fun activity. Learning is easier, faster and more meaningful when combined with game. The aspect of the game that involves programmable robots is an important factor of positive motivation and enthusiasm, mainly in primary education.

Physical therapy

Greek Vojta Center provides high quality physiotherapy services for diseases of the nervous (central and peripheral) system, as well as musculoskeletal and respiratory problems in infants, children and adults.

Occupational therapy

The occupational therapy department is aimed at people of all ages experiencing difficulties or limitations in carrying out their daily activities in order to successfully integrate them into the family, school-work and social environment.

Speech Therapy

The speech therapy department is responsible for restoring derangement speech, speaking, communication, chewing and swallowing. Respecting the opinions and needs of our patients, we provide individual and group speech therapy programs for children and adults.

Psychological support

In the psychology department, along with other therapies or independently of them, our therapists aim at the cognitive and emotional redevelopment of the young and the elder and in the smooth growth and development of individuals in order to assert their place in society.

Swallowing disorder

Our specialized speech therapists deal with swallowing disorder. They train the patients, children or adults, to properly manage and promote food from the lips to the stomach. Disorders may be due to any of the 3 stages of ingestion.

Special Education

Special Pedagogues correctly evaluates the difficulties and shortcomings of the child from the whole treatment group and creates a personalized intervention program aimed at improving the difficulties and the skills of each child.

Why choose Greek Vojta Center?


  • We are a complete and fully specialized rehabilitation team

  • There is easy access to all parts of the center

  • We work with all insurance funds

  • The history of the center begins in 1989

  • We provide a modern, friendly and comfortable environment

  • Our spaces are specially designed and equipped to serve each patient

Contact us for any concerns like:

  • If there is no good support of the head, the throat and the torso.

  • If there is a lack deficiency of synchronization and harmony in motion

  • If there is hypertonia or hypotonia in the limbs or in the torso

  • In postoperative situations

  • If speech or communication is not clear and understandable

  • If there is difficulty in breathing, chewing or swallowing

  • If your child has a distraction or hyperactivity

  • If your child has learning difficulties: Dyslexia, dysgraphia, misdiagnosis, etc.

  • Difficulty joining the school

  • If your child is not self-confident and has difficulty attending school