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The Vojta method iinvolves the diagnosis, evaluation, prognosis and therapy of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, muscles and joints and functional systems.

It is the most reliable and effective method of therapy, especially in newborns and infants. It is also successfully applied to children and adults around the world.

The Czech neurologist Professor Vaclav Vojta in the early 60's discovered that the kinetic behavior of the body is nothing but the manifestation of maturation and the state of the central nervous system of man. Based on this, he proposed a therapeutic set consisting of diagnosis, assessment and therapy of neurological diseases, all ages, from the day of the birth of an infant to the elderly.

The Vojta method is based on the detailed knowledge of the kinetic development of a healthy child. The so precise and detailed sequence of the evolution of central nervous system functions and the induction of kinetics and responses, each new and every time closer to normal, is the basis of the proper therapeutic treatment of the neurological patient.

The goal of Vojta rehabilitation is penetration into the central nervous system, and its reprogramming. The activation and normalization of the brain's commands to the periphery results in a more harmonious muscular function, as well as the improvement of functions such as squirming, chewing and swallowing, breathing, defecation and diuresis etc. Activation of the central nervous system and functional re-training is the central element of the Vojta method.

On the first visit the physiotherapist - Vojta, creates a personalized rehabilitation program and together with the patient / relative - parent determines the goals of the treatment.

Through clinical research, the Czech professor has been able to identify key points in the body, which, when pressed in a special way, activate and induce involuntary mobility at the same time throughout the body. This global kinetic response to the body is reflective. Applying pressure at specific points, from specific positions, enables the patient to perform movements in harmony, activating muscle groups that until that time looked like narcotics or blocked.

Vojta therapy can not in any way cause any problem. It is considered by absolutely safe methods. It can be applied to patients whose health does not allow fatigue, such as cardiopaths or in the intensive care unit, and where there is difficulty working together (infants, mental retardation, etc.).

Vaclav Vojta's method of rehabilitation does not teach the right position and mobility, but creates the prerequisites for the kinetic action of the neurological patient. It is based on healthy kinetic development and aims to make the patient a unique manufacturer of its own mobility.