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    Kolonos, Greece
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Physical therapy

The physiotherapists of the Greek Vojta Center are fully specialized in rehabilitation and can safely secure the achievement of the goals set for each patient, respecting the peculiarity of this and its relatives.

At the Greek Vojta Center we are equipped with all the physiotherapy equipment, which in combination with the massage and special kinesiotherapy lead us:

✓ To eliminate inflammation and pain in the spine and painful joints.

✓ In normalizing muscular function, making the muscles work in harmony and in cooperation with each other to properly support the affected area.

✓ Stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

✓ Correction of posture

✓ Improving the balance.

Η διάγνωση γίνεται με την κατά Vojta Νευροαναπτυξιακή Κινησιολογική Διαγνωστική και η θεραπεία γίνεται με την σφαιρική Αντανακλαστική Κινητοποίηση.

Contact us for any problem like:

    Pain anywhere in the body.

    Stiffness, in the movement of a member

    Difficulty in getting up or walking.

    Swelling, redness, or reduced traction in a body joint.

    Difficulty in walking.

    Loss of balance.

    Post-operative rehabilitation.

    Athletic injuries.