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Vaclav Vojta was born in 1917 in Mokrosuky, Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

He graduated in Medicine at the University of Prague in 1947, and he specialized in pediatrics and neurology.

He became a professor in pediatrics in 1961. Since 1968 he has migrated to Germany, initially in Heidelberg and then to Cologne, where he was appointed director of the Cologne University Clinic. Since April 1975 he has been in charge of the Department of Rehabilitation of Children with Neurological Problems at the Kinderzentrum in Munich.

In 1954 he presented a part of his method of rehabilitation, Retroreflective Herpes, and in 1962 at the World Congress of Neurology in Prague he presented his comprehensive physiotherapeutic method, the Global Reflective Mobilization. In 1964 he presented his diagnostic method, ie neurodevelopmental kinesiological diagnostics.

In 1979 he founded in Rome the first rehabilitation center bearing his name, Centro - Scuola di Riabilitazione V.Vojta.

Rehabilitation centers and hospitals using the Vojta method are scattered all over the world, in Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia with the largest center being in Osaka, Japan, under Dr Tommi, who time announces the largest statistical surveys.

The professor died on September 12, 2000, leaving us a huge legacy, and engraved the path of hope that is rehabilitating people hit by neuro-kinetic diseases, as long as the diagnosis and treatment is started.