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Why Vojta therapy?


  • With the Vojta method diagnosis, evaluation and therapy are completely personalized.
  • Vojta treatment is not based on the symptoms because it targets directly the cause of the problem.
  • Vojta treatment has immediate results. At the end of each session, the clinical picture of the patient is different from pre-onset, showing greater correctness in his kinetic responses.
  • Vojta treatment is reflex and causes less fatigue than voluntary kinetic activity (people with blood pressure problems).
  • Vojta treatment is reflex and causes motoric responses where the pain prevents the voluntary movement.
  • Vojta therapy is reflex and can be done where there is a difficulty of cooperation between the patient and the therapist. (Neonates and infants, people with low vision, patients in the intensive care unit etc.)
  • The Vojta treatment corrects already established pathological images directly targeting the problem, ie the central nervous system.
  • Vojta treatment is spherical, that is, it includes the whole human body, and the cooperation of all its parts.
  • Vojta treatment along with the musculoskeletal system normalizes all the disorders in the human operating systems (vision, breathing, chewing, swallowing, speech, digestion, defecation, diuresis, etc.)
  • Vojta treatment is done from the patient's family home environment.
  • Vojta treatment sets short-term treatment goals, and treatment is planned step by step, to the end
  • Vojta therapy offers greater functionality with less energy consumption. The new position that the patient discovers during treatment is spontaneously preferred in relation to his previous habits, because he is more normal and therefore more economical.