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Psychological Support

The treatments which are used focus on changing dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behavior such as those found in depression and anxiety, without the use of drugs.

The aim is to relieve painful symptoms, cognitive reconstruction - that is, the recovery of functional ways of thinking - with the ultimate goal of increasing the functionality (mental-mental-physical).

We can help the child, adolescent or adult with measurable results in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders such as:

✓ Counseling and Psychotherapy of children, adolescents, adults

✓ Assessment of mental and emotional potential

✓ Assessment of the behavior of children and adolescents

✓ Parent counseling

✓ Emotional and social education programs

✓ Behavior enhancement / modification programs

Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για οποιοδήποτε πρόβλημα του παιδιού σας όπως:

Difficulty in understanding text in relation to its age
Difficulty in describing a story or an event
Attention Deficit - Hyperactivity - Progression
Antisocial Behavior (Aggression, Anger / Outbreaks, Non-Co-operation, Opposition, Isolation, Bullying, Peer Problems)
If the family has experienced a test such as separation, illness, etc.
Emotions and mood disorders (Anxiety, Sleep, Fears, Low self-esteem, Mood changes)
If you experience difficulty sleeping (sleepiness, nightmares or insomnia)
Developmental & Neurological Problems (Autism, Mental Disability, Learning Difficulties)
Traumatic Facts: Death, Harassment, Accidents
Psychiatric anorexia - Bulimia
Addiction - Internet dependence
Academic problems: Procrastination - study interruption, study difficulties, adaptation difficulties, learning difficulties, exam stress.