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Speech therapy

We can safely and responsibly help our patient in:

✓ Developmental and neurological disorders

✓ Speech and communication problems

✓ Linguistic and learning difficulties

✓ Swallowing disorders - dysphagia

We will be very happy to be a fellow traveler in the journey of knowledge and skill acquisition

For children

Speech therapy (evaluation & rehabilitation) in children with:

• articular / phonological disorders

• speech flow disorders (eg stuttering)

• speech delay

• mental retardation

• dysphasia

• dyspraxia

• language evolving disorder

• diffuse developmental disorder - Asperger syndrome

• learning difficulties - dyslexia

• developmental syndromes (Down, Rett, fragile X)

• cerebral palsy - neuromuscular disorders

• εhearing loss - deafness

For adults

Speech therapy (evaluation & rehabilitation) in adults with:

✓ articular / phonological disorders

✓ speech flow disorders (eg stuttering)

✓ Stroke

✓ Craniocerebral injury

✓ Dementia

✓ degenerative diseases


In Greek Vojta Center we use the following methods:

  • ABA
  • PECS
  • ORFF

Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για οποιοδήποτε πρόβλημα του παιδιού σας όπως:

If it has difficulty communicating
If she has a syndrome or ADHD
If there is a mental lag
If there is a pause in his speech
If there is not a proper flow in his speech
If it does not use suggestions
If he does not have a conceivable speech
If its reason is not structured
Adds, replaces or skips letters
If she has a voice disorder
If you can not eat solid foods
If it coughs or drowns during feeding
If it has strong salivation